Major David W. Morrill - Chu Lai 1967


David L. Morrill (} wrote:

I was doing some research on my father's career and ran across your site. My father Major Davd W. Morrill USMC was the MABS Commander at Chu Lai in early 1967. I believe he also flew-with 314 out of El Toro early in the mid 50s. He and Lt. Max Parker of 314 were listed- as MIA on 18 March 1967 northeast of Dong Ha by the DMZ. Their status was later changed to Killed in Action Body Not Recovered.

Their crash site was excavated by the Joint Task Force in 1993 and remains were recovered, however they were not identified by DNA testing until 2001. They were buried at Arlington National Cemetery in July 2001.I am attaching a photo in case, anyone remembers him. Sorry, we don't have any photos from Chu Lai. I still have Dad's 314 Squadron coffee mug from El Toro.


David L. Morrill

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