With regard to the above referenced matter attached you will find a current alphabetical list of those who so far have indicated that they plan to attend the VMFA-314 F-4 Reunion Dinner which will be held November 2, 20012 at the MCAS Miramar Officers Club. As the highlight of the dinner, it will be our utmost pleasure to have Lt.Gen. Frank Peterson as our guest of honor.
As most of you are aware, I have assumed the dinner duties from Gil Tanzer and to that extent I have been in regular contact with Kristi Lyons, Catering Manager for the MCAS Miramar Officers' Club. She has been extremely helpful and most gracious. As for the Ready Room, Dave Swaney has paid the $75 reservation fee for which we will need to reimburse him. Additionally, Bud Berdine provided $500.00 to save the date for the dinner for which, he needs to be reimbursed as well. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances Bud will not be attending the dinner.
The number of attendees currently signed up is less than what we would like. Nevertheless, it is anticipated that several more will make known their intent to attend the dinner so in an abundance of caution the cost per person is being calculated at $30.00. The club will prepare food and beverage for an additional 5% over our final count for late arrivals. As you can see from the attached list we have room for more than twice the number who have so far signed up. 
We need to make an additional advance payment of $600.00 on October 2, 2012 so it is necessary to ask that those who intend to break bread start sending in your 'mess' dues in the amount of $30.00 for yourself and each guest so that we can make a timely payment on October 2, 2012. This amount includes a required 19% service charge and for one or two glasses of wine to be served with the meal. The club will provide extra wine if needed. 
Please forward your payment to the undersigned:
G. C. Hutchinson
24961 Del Monte Street
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
I will then provide the club with a cashier's check for the amount due.
If any of you are aware of fomer members of VMFA-314 who may not have gotten the word on either the Phantom Foray and or the dinner please give them a heads up and a push. If anyone wishes to volunteer to advance all or part of the upcoming fees that individual will be reimbursed at the dinner and in the meantime, please get those checks in the mail.
Should anyone have any questions, suggestions or comments please contact me at your earliets convenience.
Cal Hutchinson